Inspired by Mughal-e-Azam's Jab Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya set, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Aaina Mahal is converted to a museum after shoot of Deewani Mastani song of Bajirao Mastani movie.

The moment Bajirao Mastani movie was introduced as the dream project of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, audiences had set their eyes on it to fawn over the sets and presentation. Where viewers were eager to get amazed, critics were desperate to scrutinize every tiny detail. The moment the pics revealed the look of sets, Aaina Mahal and Shaniwar Wada became the talk of town.

For recreating the era of 18th century and portraying the powerful characters of Maratha Peshwa Bajiro I, his first wife Kashibai and second wife Mastani, the sets had to play a vital role. It was necessary to bring both- legitimacy and authenticity. Bhansali is known as an ace director because of his detail-oriented and methodical approach. It continued in this project as well. He was not only clear about his film’s characters, but also sure about the way he wanted his sets to be.

The key to develop a successful portrayal lays is integrating every big or small detail into the project. Sanjay Bhansali knew how to nail it. He worked intensely on not only the personalities and characters of his main protagonists, but also on the location and sets.

After many rigorous research sessions by the set designers of Bajirao Mastani, about 21 sets were designed for filming the elements of period film Bajirao Mastani. The production designers behind those massive designs, Sujeet Sawant, Saloni and Sriram Iyengar, came up with stunning sets to amaze the viewers; the master pieces include Shaniwar wada and Aaina Mahal.


From Where the Idea of Aina Mahal Came?
If someone talks about a period film, one name that one can't stop from coming into mind is, Mughal-e-Azam. And whenever Mughal-e-Azam is recalled, one can't forget to talk about the song 'Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya' filmed on stunning diva Madhubala. It was so powerful that even its visualization can leave you spellbound. Inspired by Bollywood movie Mughal-e-Azam's Jab Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya set, Sajnay Leela Bhansali recreated that Aaina Mahal for Bajirao Mastani to also recreate that magic back again.

Where Is Bajirao Mastani's Aina Mahal Constructed?
Film City, Mumbai was the destination that Sanjay Leela Bhansali and team Bajirao Mastani decided to stand the stunning Aina Mahal.

How many days did Aaina Mahal took to construct?
The set of Aaina Mahal got prepared in one and half months, i.e, 45 days.

How many mirrors are integrated in Aaina Mahal?
More than 20,000 mirrors were used to make that palace an Aaina Mahal.

From where the mirrors of Aaina Mahal were brought?
ADMAKE INDIA MEDIA PVT. LTD., Goregaon E, Mumbai was the place from where the mirrors were handpicked.

Who people constructed the Mirror Palace?
Director of ADMAKE INDIA MEDIA PVT. LTD., Mr. Aditya Ranoliya and his enthusiastic Designing Team.

In how much area the palace was constructed?
The palace was spread in about 12,500 sq feet of area.

What is the specialty of Aaina Mahal?
There is one angel that reflects in all 20,000 mirrors which makes a jaw-dropping view. After Mughal-e-Azam, this Aaina Mahal holds place of the most expensive set in history till date. There is one shot of Deewani Mastani song of Bajirao Mastani, where Deepika Padukone is highlighted into all those mirrors.